sobota, 22 czerwca 2013

Bryntse Gambit & Caro-Kann-Krol

Znalazłem w internecie dwa ciekawe atykuły. Jestem pod wrażeniem :-)
Cytat: "The Bryntse Gambit seems to work well in correspondence chess. Wladyslaw Krol of Poland, an ICCF Senior International Master (a title with no FIDE equivalent) has played many games with it over several years. Here are two of his wins and a draw"
Cytat: "I’ll let you think about that a little bit, while I say a little bit about the history. When I looked this position on ChessBase up, it was interesting to see that someone else had already had this idea. Not Arne Bryntse, the Swedish correspondence player who pioneered the Bryntse Gambit — he apparently never thought of playing it against the Caro. However, there is a Polish player named Wladyslaw Krol, rated in the 2200-2300 range, who has played this sequence of moves several times against both the Sicilian Defense and the Caro-Kann. Since the concept occurs in more than one opening, perhaps instead of the Bryntse Variation we should call it the Krol Koncept. But for now I’ll keep using two separate names, and call this the Caro-Kann-Krol."